In this surf camp, you will get an optional three hours of surf lesson. You will also get an unlimited use of surfboard and wetsuit. You can later enjoy a collection of photos of the surf session taken by Agadir Surf Hostel’s photographer. On the second day, you will go on the legendary trip to Paradise Valley.


  • O8:30 pm Surfer healty breakfast
  • 09:30 pm Depart Surf hostel with instructors for the best spot regarding wave conditions
  • 10:00 pm Morning Surf lesson with instructors
  • 12:00 pm Lunch at the beach
  • 1:00 am Supervised afternoon surfing session
  • 5:00 am Return to the Surf Hostel

Paradise Valley trip surfing holiday activities in Morocco, Enjoy a daytrip to Paradise Valley. It’s a breathtaking oasis of palm trees and natural pools built by a small river. The Paradise Valley belongs to the valley of Tamrhakht a part of the western most High Atlas. This small paradise will enchant you with its waterfalls and trees full of fresh fruits. In the river and its associated water…


Surf HistorySurf-riding was a common practice in the 15th century, in the Hawai’i archipelago. Tribe chiefs defied the sea on long wood boards to make proof of their power. People made battle at the end of which the winner gains more consideration by the community. The chief was known to be the most skilled surfer and benefited from the best board made from the best wood quality. Polynesia…
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